Stephen Colbert’s been beating Jimmy Fallon in the overall late-night ratings race — and we hear Colbert now wants to steal Fallon’s younger viewers, too.

Colbert’s comeback “Late Show” has topped Fallon’s “Tonight Show” for seven weeks straight, but has been behind in TV’s coveted 18-49 demographic.

A source says of riding-high Colbert, “He loves the headlines. He went from underdog to beating Fallon, so of course he’s enjoying it. He’s now so desperate to take over the ‘key demographic’ that he brought back an old character — his [Comedy Central] ‘conservative pundit colleague’ — to compete.”

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Jon Stewart has finally weighed in on Donald Trump’s first 11 days as President, dropping in to Tuesday’s Late Show with Stephen Colbert to blast the Commander-in-Chief—and implore viewers that “all actions will be necessary” to survive his presidency.

Stewart, who is an executive producer on Colbert’s show, shared what he claimed were the president’s next executive orders. Dressed as Trump —complete with a red tie that went down well past his feet, an oversized sportcoat and a dead animal wrapped around his head—he joked to Colbert, “I thought this is how men dress now. …The president sets men’s fashion.”

Among Stewart’s faux executive orders: “to secure our border, China shall immediately and without hesitation, send us their wall” and “America now, finally, has an official . . . .

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